About Us

About us

At Koa Collective we are driven and inspired by the idea to form a collective of strong and independent women that are changing the world with their beautiful and empowering mindset, whilst following their dreams.

We all remember those moments that forced us to be stronger and tougher than ever before. We want you to remember that those were the moments that made you the person you are today, and we are here to celebrate that growth with you. We hope that wearing our Koa activewear will help you to conquer anything and inspire you to live a healthy and confident lifestyle. 

Each part of our collection was designed to celebrate strong women, who we like to call our Koa “Warriors”. We want every woman to feel as beautiful and strong as they truly are.

Find your Balance

In order to be strong on the outside, we believe that you have to start from within. We want to empower all women and help you gain powerful inner energy.

Our story

Koa is a hawaiian name that means “warrior”. Based on this premise, we founded our brand in 2015 to design activewear to inspire and empower women around the globe. Since then, we have had 70,000 strong women join the Koa Collective from around the world. We want to deliver trends that inspire women to live a stronger,  healthier lifestyle.

Be Fearless. Be Strong. Be Koa.

We love to keep in touch with our lovely Koa Collective members, that are our biggest inspiration. Through your Feedback we were able to consistently improve our products and service. Beside our customers, we find inspiration in nature and powerful landscapes. 

We don’t say that every women has to become a warrior, but we know that every women already is a warrior!